Not everyone agrees with EPA rules and regulations. DOE recognizes the difficulty in complying with every statute. However, a system that not only helps with EPA compliance, saves capital and is actually great for the environment, is a total win for all parties involved. Also, it is very important that oil, gas & energy companies use a reliable system that reduces cost and greenhouse gases.
The DOE System meets all the criteria for success in all areas of concentrated efforts. Either converting an existing well from diesel power or planning a new well site, DOE will work with your engineers and field representatives to improve your bottom line and raise your company status on the environmental issues.
The DOE System is adaptable to almost any APG environment. Many associated gases require treatment if collection facilities are not available. Scrubbing and de-hydration units are designed and built to specific needs of the well and power generation units depending upon the volume of gas required. DOE power generation systems are designed to utilize all or most available APG from each site. Converting these gases to electrical power rather than flaring to the environment is the goal of DynaGen Oilfield Energy.
The capital expenditure compared to diesel units is a fraction less in comparison. There are additional costs for treatment, if required. Return of expense, when compared to diesel systems, is approximately nine months, not including savings on electricity for on-grid applications.

The problem with Associated Petroleum Gases (APG) in the oilfield is usually a result of lack of transportation pipelines. This situation occurs due to rapid development of the field or the remote location of well sites.
A profitable and environmentally friendly, bold solution is being planned by DynaGen Oilfield Energy, LLC (DOE) and its’ associates. The planned design is a system that gathers APG from each well in a particular field, through an innerfield pipeline network, with one point of concentration. At the terminal or concentration point a power generation plant will be utilized for not only the power needs of the field but also the additional fulfillment back to the grid. Power generation companies within oil
producing regions are all stretched beyond design capacities. These DOE generation systems will provide a welcomed solution for both power company and oilfield operators. The mobile power plants, ranging from 1 megawatt to 100 megawatts, can be placed onsite and will be producing power within 24 hours. Implementation of reliable gas turbines is helping to solve the flaring, electrical power and economics of wasting APG and the energy it contains.
Field situations are always a little different in nature. Whether it is an existing oilfield, new proposed field or a remote refinery location, the DOE system plan can be designed to accomplish the final goal of utilizing onsite associated petroleum gases for power generation. We are able to distribute electricity far more economically than building a far reaching, expensive and time consuming offsite pipeline.
Environmentally, this is the best solution in planning today. The power plants can be fitted with exhaust after treatment that satisfies all EPA requirements and regulations. From a relatively small power plant to a large megawatt unit that is capable of energizing an entire community, DOE and associates can make it a reality!


​NG / Well Gas & Propane

Generators for the Oilfield

DynaGen Oilfield Energy, LLC (DOE) provides a cost effective, environmentally friendly and reliable process for eliminating or reducing flare gas. The process benefit is electrical power generation, created at the well site, fueled completely by NG / associated petroleum gas (APG) or propane. Electricity is a critical component at any oilfield well site. Diesel fueled generators have dominated the oilfield provision of electrical power over the past century. With the improvement of gaseous engine technology and the need to mitigate onsite flare / associated petroleum gas emissions, DOE is well positioned to furnish ground breaking solutions for an ever growing road block to continued progress in the oilfield.

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Reliable Process for

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